Fortune Companies have taken up Microsoft as favored platform for their Desktop and Enterprise computing. Microsoft Technologies Development is geared up to manage all development needs. The Microsoft .Net framework has emerged as one of the most effective frameworks for development. The .NET Application Development is centered on the powerful .NET framework, which is a unified collection of libraries and a common language runtime. The .NET framework provides a development environment for desktop applications, web-based applications and Web Services used for System Integration by using the platform independent communication protocol such as XML and SOAP.

The .NET Framework supports different programming languages. This multiple language support improves productivity by allowing developers to choose the programming language that is best suited to the job. The most significant advantage of the .Net Framework is its high levels of interoperability with other languages, applications, and systems.

Winfoware has a very strong foundation in Microsoft .Net Technology. Winfoware has executed several Visual Basic projects, spanning from the earliest versions (VB 3 and VB 4.0 16 bit) of the technology to very latest such as VB6 and ASP.

Microsoft @ Winfoware

Winfoware delivers Microsoft technology based solutions using a service centric architecture that leverages the common communication model using XML and SOAP. Winfoware today is able to solve similar problems in regard to connecting disparate applications and platforms that run on a wide variety of devices. Winfoware has successfully implemented several large projects in .NET for enterprise wide solutions.

Winfoware .NET offering includes Custom Software & Web based application development, .net Application development, windows application development using C# , ASP .net and Vb .NET. Winfoware skilled resource teams have utilized in developing the best practices for application development using Microsoft's .NET architecture. Our Microsoft Solutions team is comprising of a large number of affianced professionals leveraging this expertise to enable rapid application development to provide solutions to business problems.

Winfoware .Net services includes:

  • Web & Desktop Applications using the .NET framework from scratch
  • Maintenance/Support and Enhancement of existing applications
  • Migration of existing web based and client server applications to .NET
  • Offshore/Onsite Staff Services

Key features of Microsoft .NET architecture offered by Winfoware:

  • Use of Windows Services for background processes.
  • Web Services using XML - SOAP/HTTP.
  • Advanced ADO.NET features.
  • Microsoft .NET compliant design and development processes
  • N-tier architecture & MVC Frameworks
  • Remoting Architecture of .NET Framework
  • Microsoft Message Queuing for asynchronous message delivery.
  • Centralized Exception/Error handling
  • Active Directory Service Interface for organization level user access control
  • Rich User Interface using the Microsoft Silverlight.
  • WCF for building service-oriented applications.

Overview of technology supported:

Mobile Applications

.NET CF based rich applications on hand-held, Mapping solutions with Virtual Earth and Map Point Mobile CRM, WMS, Asset Management, Field service RFID Data Capture

Data and Business


SQL Server– XML, Notifications, Reporting

Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services, Notification



Outlook, Office, SharePoint workflow Integration with backend systems InfoPath, OpenXML

.NET Frameworks

Redesign and reengineering, migration and porting WPF, WCF, WF, Cardspace, SilverLight

Web 2.0 and Rich Internet


AJAX based rich UI applications Rich web-based reporting, BI solutions, dashboards